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New Year, New Year, or Not?

My Facebook feed is bombarded with everyone talking about how they are working toward their New Year's Resolutions.  Some are trying to lose weight and get healthy, others are reading more, some have decided to help others, and one friend is planning to travel the world.  I, however, feel like I’m in a bit of… Continue reading New Year, New Year, or Not?

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Winning Words: Dec 2018

Tangible, memorable, real experiences have the most impact on our lives. Even now, take a moment to remember an experience that encouraged you, exhilarated you, gave you joy…and to this day you remember its impact. Perhaps it set you in a new direction, made a lasting friendship, or released your gift of writing, art, or… Continue reading Winning Words: Dec 2018


Winning Word – November – HONOR

As we shared earlier this month, Winning Words is an elementary school parent pickup outreach of encouragement for families. Strong families are the best deterrent against substance use in our youth. Drug Free Charlotte County continues to hand out Winning Word magnets at three elementary schools. We share the Winning Word for each month as… Continue reading Winning Word – November – HONOR

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Its Overdose Awareness Day

It’s "Fri-yay"!!! We’ve made it through another long week of “please cover your mouth when you sneeze” carpools, “if you don’t sign I get in trouble” agenda signing, “I hate sandwiches” lunch packing, “I need another drink of water” bedtimes, “I forgot my cleats” soccer practices, and “I don’t understand this” homework…..the grind!  This Friday… Continue reading Its Overdose Awareness Day

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Under Pressure…

As we pulled out of the school parking lot yesterday, I asked my  12-year-old how her day was.  “Fine”, was apparently all she could muster.  I continued to prod with questions about her new classes and teachers, if she had any old friends in her classes, etc. until eventually she made some sassy remark to me basically saying she didn’t want to talk about it.  I can’t remember her exact words because I’m pretty sure I was seeing red by that point in shock that this 12-year-old, whom I do everything for, was seriously talking to me in that tone of voice!  After a few minutes of silence though, while I tamed the dragon inside of me that wanted to spew fire out, I asked her “what’s wrong”.  She said she was just stressed out. 

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Parent Talk: Stages of Summer

"I'm bored".  The dreaded summer whining that parents everywhere are trying to avoid hearing at least for the first few weeks of summer.  There's always "those parents" who seem to have every moment of summer booked with life changing enrichment activities, but most of the rest of us are just struggling through trying to find some… Continue reading Parent Talk: Stages of Summer