Building Resiliency

As some things are going back to normal, it seems that nothing is the same.  As parents, we worry.  We worry about our jobs, the economy, bills, the pandemic, the list goes on and on, but we probably worry the most about our children.  Our children have worries too.  Our kids worry about what the… Continue reading Building Resiliency

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Attitude of Gratitude in Times of Stress

I opened my eyes and frantically felt around the bed for my phone to shut the alarm off.  I laid in bed for a minute and stared at the ceiling before begrudgingly getting out of bed.   I flipped the switch on the coffee pot and shuffled to the kids rooms to wake them up.  Everything… Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude in Times of Stress

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Safe Use, Safe Storage, Safe Disposal – Tips to Know

As the holidays grow near many of us are looking forward to time spent with family gathered around the table or just laughing together and making memories.  The sights, the smells, the excitement of little ones, and catching up or telling old stories.  Even the old FL sun occasionally gives us a few days off… Continue reading Safe Use, Safe Storage, Safe Disposal – Tips to Know

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Play Ball! Tobacco Free…

Since 2016, The Carmalita Softball League has held a policy of no tobacco use in the area of softball fields. With all the families and children who come to watch or participate in the games, the league saw the importance of instituting the policy as part of their league regulations. The Tobacco Free Partnership of… Continue reading Play Ball! Tobacco Free…

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Healthy Employers… Healthy Employees

Della Booth is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to share the importance of tobacco free workplaces with as many businesses in the community as possible. And, with her help, dozens of businesses have successfully implemented a tobacco free workplace policy – helping to improve the health of their employees and their business… Continue reading Healthy Employers… Healthy Employees

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E-Cigs and Vaping, a Dangerous and Addicting Trend

Vaping has become a public health issue and epidemic among teens. In Charlotte County, it is the most used "substance" by our teens, according to our annual Teen Norms Survey in 2018. Have you been hearing a lot about vaping lately?  That’s because it is a trend on the rise in our country.  It’s not… Continue reading E-Cigs and Vaping, a Dangerous and Addicting Trend

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DEA National Rx Take Back Day Is April 27

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and it’s time for a spring cleaning!  As we go through our dusty boxes and clean out drawers and cabinets and closets, we often forget about one of the most important things to clean out…the medicine cabinet!  Well, the truth is, we may need to do a… Continue reading DEA National Rx Take Back Day Is April 27