Community Coalition, Marijuana, Prescription Drug Misuse, Tobacco, Underage Alcohol Use

Here we go!


We are relaunching our blog page!  All us – staff, partners and stakeholders – at Drug Free Charlotte County are dedicated to doing the work to prevent substance abuse.  To accomplish this, we know we need to keep broadening awareness and knowledge of local substance use issues. We also know how very important it is to support the healthy choices of our teens and the understanding of our community that most Charlotte County teens do not use. We hope our blog will help achieve this understanding.

But, another exciting purpose of this blog is to highlight many of our partners and stakeholders in the work of prevention. We have a wonderful “line-up” ready to go! Keep watching this site.  We truly hope our blog will be a place for our community to become informed about the issues and the work going on to address the issues.

So, how about YOU?

Yes… you…

You can join in the effort to prevent substance abuse!  Participate in a coalition meeting, volunteer for an event, or even resolve to become more informed and share with your family, friends and neighbors how substance use impacts our families and communities – and how we can – together – make prevention work! Learn more by following us on Facebook, sign up for our e-newsletters, or watch for our blog posts.


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