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National Poison Prevention Week

In one year 576 poisoning accidents in Charlotte County helped by Poison Control Staff!

Did your child chew on a detergent pod?

Did your husband swallow the dog’s heartworm pill?

Did you get stung by a caterpillar while gardening?

Did your neighbor give himself too much insulin?

These are typical calls received by the Poison Control hotline.


Why are Charlotte County residents calling Poison Control?

  • Half involved toddlers and preschoolers. Two hundred and thirty-three children tasted quite a variety of products: paint, medications, batteries, cleaners, plants and hand sanitizer. One hundred seventy six were able to be treated at home with poison center guidance.
  • Problems with medications are a big reason people call for help. In 104 cases, someone had taken mistakenly a wrong dose or experienced a reaction after taking medicine.
  • While most Charlotte County poisoning cases were accidental, 105 calls were cases of self-harm. All were referred to clinics or hospitals for help.

If you need more info:

  • Read up on topics at PoisonCenterTampa.org
  • See news & events on Facebook “Poison Information Center-Tampa, FL”

If you need help:

  • The doctors, nurses and pharmacists are only a phone call away. In most cases, they can give you instructions about how to handle your crisis at home. They also call back to make sure everything turned out well. This is a tremendous help to home-bound people, especially after-hours when most clinics and pharmacies are closed.

This guest blog post was written by Joann Chambers-Emerson, RN, BSN, CSPI, an educator with Florida Poison Information Center at Tampa General Hospital. The Center serves the Charlotte County area with education and a 24 hour poison information hotline. The Center also provides Drug Free Charlotte County with data and information to help our efforts to address accidental overdose and poisonings related to drugs and medications.



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