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The Power’s in You!

What’s the real story behind teen drinking? With Alcohol Awareness month approaching, MADD SWFL wants to answer this question for Charlotte County. In April, MADD celebrates its national Campaign Power Talk 21, which encourages parents to have conversations with their teens about alcohol. Teens do say that it is their parents that have the biggest influence on them when it comes to drinking underage; either they are encouraged not to drink or the parent simply doesn’t mind. With most thinking that it is peers, trends or television that’s influencing teens the most, it is important for us to bring awareness to parents of their power.

On April 15th, MADD SWFL is hosting The Power’s in You: A Free MADD Mixer for teens and their parents to celebrate Power Talk 21 and Alcohol Awareness month. This event will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County. Bobby Petrocelli, a nationwide motivational speaker, will share his powerful message of overcoming darkness and becoming triumphant. Each parent who brings their teen, will receive a special gift. Everyone who attends will have the chance to win a prize. There will be music, free food and fun signature beverages for guests to enjoy. Our community partners, from around Southwest Florida, will have a table full of their information for guests to visit.

Everyone is encouraged to come meet MADD SWFL, Bobby Petrocelli and other organizations in a fun and fulfilling way. After this event, we are sure each guest will walk away understanding the importance of using their power in a positive way to prevent themselves from becoming a story.  Flyers- MADD





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