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So you woke up today, and everything was the same, and that’s where the problem is.  Everyone’s rushing around to get ready for work and school and either you barely speak to each other or everything said is said with a “tone”.  You know, that tone that sounds annoyed or angry, yet there is no reason for this….is there?  You step over someone’s shoes they left in the middle of the floor AGAIN, and head for the kitchen where you find no one did the dishes AGAIN.  You remind your child that he/she needs to clean their room sometime this century and you get another “you don’t even care about me”…what?!  Eventually everyone has gone about their day and you find yourself in the car on the way to work taking a deep breath…and you realize that maybe it was the first moment you enjoyed this morning.

Then the guilt sets in, and you wonder if all families are like this.  Does this sound anything like your family?  What if I told you that it could all change, and that the happiness and peace you long for in your home really is possible?  What would you be willing to give to get there?  How about 1 hr a week?  If you answered yes, then your family has the opportunity to participate in our FREE Strengthening Families Program.

Our Strengthening Families Program is a 10 week program that focuses on how to have a happy family, healthy brains, and alcohol and drug free kids….and it works!  Some of our current participants have said: “Every week I see a little bit of improvement in her attitude”, “I can see my mom really trying to bring our family back together, really together”, “my dad is spending more time with me now”, “I feel like my parents are making more effort to listen to me”, “I look forward to our weekly meetings”.  Contact us today to get your family headed in a happier direction.

Post by Jen Bernardi, Prevention Program Coordinator and Strengthening Families Program Facilitator. Contact Jen at 941-255-0808 x. 3139 -or

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