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Parent Talk: Stages of Summer

"I'm bored".  The dreaded summer whining that parents everywhere are trying to avoid hearing at least for the first few weeks of summer.  There's always "those parents" who seem to have every moment of summer booked with life changing enrichment activities, but most of the rest of us are just struggling through trying to find some… Continue reading Parent Talk: Stages of Summer

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Setting Rules

As I browse through my TimeHop app and see pictures of my children just a few years ago, I am painfully aware that I have fewer and fewer years left with my kids before they are grown and ready to fly out of the nest.  I swear it was just yesterday I was holding their… Continue reading Setting Rules

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Stress Busting Ninja

It’s 8 am and I’m already exhausted.  So far, I’ve gotten all three kids ready, fed, and off to 3 different schools despite the fact that my oldest “never has anything to wear” and my youngest spent the entire car ride sobbing because he couldn’t bring the snail he found on the driveway, I showered… Continue reading Stress Busting Ninja

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The Talk

“Mom, my friends are all going to a party and I want to go”.  The words pinged around my brain like a pin ball, lighting up every fear receptor imaginable.  A party?  Already?  What if they have alcohol or drugs there?  Have I talked to her enough about drugs and alcohol….have I talked to her… Continue reading The Talk

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The Power’s in You!

What’s the real story behind teen drinking? With Alcohol Awareness month approaching, MADD SWFL wants to answer this question for Charlotte County. In April, MADD celebrates its national Campaign Power Talk 21, which encourages parents to have conversations with their teens about alcohol. Teens do say that it is their parents that have the biggest… Continue reading The Power’s in You!