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National Poison Prevention Week

In one year 576 poisoning accidents in Charlotte County helped by Poison Control Staff! Did your child chew on a detergent pod? Did your husband swallow the dog’s heartworm pill? Did you get stung by a caterpillar while gardening? Did your neighbor give himself too much insulin? These are typical calls received by the Poison… Continue reading National Poison Prevention Week

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Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring is here! Time to get rid of all those unwanted items. As you do your spring cleaning, don’t forget the medicine cabinet! Did you know that "flushed" medicines can get into our watershed and even our harbor and gulf? This can harm our local estuary, wildlife - and even our own drinking water. So, what… Continue reading Spring Cleaning Time!

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Here we go!

We are relaunching our blog page!  All us - staff, partners and stakeholders - at Drug Free Charlotte County are dedicated to doing the work to prevent substance abuse.  To accomplish this, we know we need to keep broadening awareness and knowledge of local substance use issues. We also know how very important it is… Continue reading Here we go!