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The Talk

“Mom, my friends are all going to a party and I want to go”.  The words pinged around my brain like a pin ball, lighting up every fear receptor imaginable.  A party?  Already?  What if they have alcohol or drugs there?  Have I talked to her enough about drugs and alcohol….have I talked to her… Continue reading The Talk

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The Power’s in You!

What’s the real story behind teen drinking? With Alcohol Awareness month approaching, MADD SWFL wants to answer this question for Charlotte County. In April, MADD celebrates its national Campaign Power Talk 21, which encourages parents to have conversations with their teens about alcohol. Teens do say that it is their parents that have the biggest… Continue reading The Power’s in You!

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Here we go!

We are relaunching our blog page!  All us - staff, partners and stakeholders - at Drug Free Charlotte County are dedicated to doing the work to prevent substance abuse.  To accomplish this, we know we need to keep broadening awareness and knowledge of local substance use issues. We also know how very important it is… Continue reading Here we go!